Three Sisters Walking Track

Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

A major capital works improvement for NSW’s most popular short walk.

John spent 8 months with the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service as an in-house designer/project manager working on the upgrade of lookouts and walking tracks at the Three Sisters precinct in Katoomba. The completed works provide a major upgrade to track infrastructure on NSW’s most popular short walk in a National Park (600,000 visits annually). The project includes major upgrades of three lookouts and regrading the walking track to improve visitor accessibility.

Design features include construction of three lookouts and regrading of walking track longitudinal gradient to improve visitor accessibility. Design details and material finishes were selected to compliment the rustic aesthetic that the Blue Mountains Walking Track Team uses to great effect throughout the region.

Credits: sculptures by Tim Jonman, images copy write Ian Brown / NPWS


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service




Blue Mountains National Park, NSW


2017 NSW Landscape Architecture Awards: Tourism Category