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The Park Facilities Manual is the go-to resource for NPWS staff, providing comprehensive guidelines and high-quality standards for planning and implementing visitor facilities in NSW National Parks. With its adaptable design principles and technical information, it sets a consistent and exemplary standard for park visitor precincts, serving as a foundation for land management agencies nationwide.

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“NewScape Design have been an exceptional landscape architectural consultant as part of a planning/design/documentation team in the delivery of a NPWS Park Facilities Manual April 2016 which established a standardisation of new park facilities infrastructure across NSW National Parks. NewScape Design undertook extensive consultation, research and site visits in the preparation of the Manual and implementation of various on- park projects. within the NPWS’ Lands.

Oriana Senese
Senior Project Manager, Projects Team
NSW National Parks & Wildlife Services


NSW National Parks Facilities Manual


The Park Facilities Manual serves as a comprehensive guide for NPWS staff involved in planning and implementing visitor facilities within NSW National Parks. It establishes standardised guidelines and high-quality standards applicable to parks throughout the state, ensuring a consistent identity and visitor experience across these protected areas.


The manual encompasses various aspects of facilities design, including general planning principles, case studies, and a facilities catalogue with technical information for constructing specific structures such as tracks, boardwalks, viewing platforms, shelters, toilets, park furniture, barriers, lighting, and camping platforms. Its success has led it to be widely recognized as an exemplary land management resource, serving as a foundation for similar guidelines utilised by environment and planning agencies across the country.