Gordon Falls Reserve Precinct Elysian Rock Lookouts Olympian Rock Lookout


Blue Mountains City Council


Blue Mountains, NSW


2022 - current

NewScape Design has played a crucial role in the Gordon Falls Reserve project, from developing the precinct plan and concept design to detailed design and documentation. Their collaborative approach and extensive community consultation have helped address heritage concerns and ensure a sense of community ownership. The project aims to enhance the reserve for increased visitation, incorporating upgraded car parks, improved connectivity, nature play elements, and accessible features. NewScape Design’s dedication to universal access and preservation of the site’s natural qualities is evident in their designs, which include an accessible boardwalk and viewing platform. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to heritage requirements, NewScape Design is creating a precinct plan that fulfils Council and community’s vision for the site.

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"Newscape understood each part of the project and the work hit the mark In terms of what was required. Their experience In natural area design Is Important to us as a client. The restraint to not overplay a design where It Is not warranted was also appreciated In response to Community feedback"

Rob Fallon
Principal Landscape Architect– Planning & Environment
Blue Mountains City Council


Gordon Falls Reserve Precinct Elysian Rock Lookouts Olympian Rock Lookout


Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) engaged NewScape Design to develop the precinct plan and concept design for Elysian Rock Lookouts and Olympian Rock Lookout, the project is currently in the detailed design and documentation phase. The aim of the upgrade was  to protect the environmental and cultural values of the site, meet current and future demand, improve the experience of both residents and visitors, meet current safety standards, improve residential amenity, support local economic development, and provide universal access to allow those of all abilities to enjoy the spectacular views from neighbouring lookouts.

Recognising the historical significance and local community interest surrounding the site, NewScape Design prioritised a collaborative approach throughout the process. Extensive consultation workshops have been conducted with internal stakeholders and the local community to ensure their valuable input and create a sense of ownership over the proposed upgrades.

The Gordon Falls Reserve holds a pivotal position as the midpoint of the Grand Cliff Top Walk, and with its anticipated opening in early 2023, the site is expected to experience a significant rise in visitation. To accommodate this increased footfall, the proposed Precinct Plan aims to future-proof the reserve through a range of enhancements. These include upgrades to existing car parks, improved connectivity to walking tracks and public transport, the integration of nature play elements, upgraded amenities and user facilities, and the implementation of DDA-compliant access throughout the site.

NewScape Design’s commitment to Council’s vision of creating universal access to natural experiences is exemplified in the ongoing design process. The project includes an accessible boardwalk, which will connect the reserve to Elysian Rock East which will be upgraded with  an accessible viewing platform that will allow individuals of all mobility levels to appreciate the panoramic views over the Jamison Valley. Upgrades to Elysian West and Olympian Lookouts are also planned to ensure they meet safety standards and provide enhanced provisions to encourage longer stays. Throughout all design considerations, NewScape Design remains committed to preserving the site’s natural, rugged qualities while adhering to Council’s heritage requirements.

The team’s expertise and dedication ensure that the precinct plan and lookout upgrades will be meticulously crafted, meeting the vision of BMCC, the community and aligning with the site’s unique characteristics.

NewScape Design and the project team are currently completing the detailed design and documentation. A staged construction program is planned to commence towards the end of 2023.