Freshwater Beach


Northern Beaches Council


Northern Beaches, NSW


2022 - current

The Northern Beaches Council enlisted the expertise of NewScape Design to review and refine the proposed masterplan design for the beachside park project. NewScape Design’s objective was to respond to peak demand periods and evolving community expectations, ensuring the upgrades could be implemented in a staged construction program. By carefully considering these factors, they aimed to create a park that harmoniously blends functionality, accessibility, and the natural beauty of the coastal environment.


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Freshwater Beach


The NewScape Design team was enlisted by the Northern Beaches Council to undertake a comprehensive review of the proposed masterplan design for the beachside park project. Their task was to review the proposed masterplan, refining and evolving these concepts into practical and achievable upgrades for the park precinct. The primary challenge of the project lay in striking a delicate balance between budgetary constraints and user priorities, all while developing a staged construction program. Their objective was to respond to peak demand periods and evolving community expectations while enhancing the park’s coastal ecology and preserving its cherished character.

The scope of the project involved redesigning car parks, passive recreation spaces, playgrounds, and pathways to improve accessibility and connectivity across the site. NewScape Design took on the task of managing a multi-disciplinary team comprising of playground specialists, traffic consultants, engineers, and quantity surveyors. This collaborative effort aimed to reimagine the beloved beachside park, with a focus on an inclusive playspace and accessibility.

The project entailed the development of a detailed design and construction documentation for the masterplan, along with the creation of 3D renders for community consultation. NewScape Design led the project team, employing value management strategies to optimise the designs and deliver a project that meets the community’s expectations while remaining within the allocated budget. The construction of the project will be staged over the comings years to enable the beachside park to be transformed into a space that fulfills its potential and brings joy to visitors for years to come.

Currently, the project remains ongoing, with the stage 1 construction to commence in 2023.