Blenheim Park Masterplan


Ryde City Council


Ryde, Sydney NSW


2019 – 2020

Connecting to nature within an urban environment.

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Blenheim Park Masterplan


NewScape Design has been commissioned by the City of Ryde to prepare a Masterplan for Blenheim Park. The park is a well loved community asset and the Masterplan aims to preserve its existing character and provide Council with a road map for future improvements over the next 20 years.

Blenheim Park currently serves a large low density residential community to the south and high density residential and employment areas surrounding North Ryde Station to the north.  With this communities expected to expanding, there exists a greater demand for the park’s facilities and needs to improve links to public transport through the park.

The Masterplan seeks to develop an overall strategy that will provide the maximum public amenity for the whole community to enjoy. It aims to improve accessibility throughout the park and enhance access to local destinations, reducing reliance on private cars. The upgrade of existing facilities to regional park standards provides a balance between passive and active recreation opportunities that can cater for increased future demand. The design creates a combination of shaded and sunny areas to cater for all seasons. It addresses existing drainage issues to improve the water quality within the Pages Creek catchment which enhances the ecological value of the park.

The park improvements will be delivered in stages over the next 20 years.