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What makes a great nature walk?

NewScape Design were commissioned to develop an assessment criteria and methodology that NPWS could use to review and rate nature walks, to ensure they were meeting customer needs and expectations.

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Best Nature Walks


NewScape Director, John Newman, was engaged by National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to facilitate a workshop with subject matter experts, to get their feedback on what makes a great walk. The needs of both family and intrepid visitors were considered separately.

The findings of this assessment were that visitors have a wide range of personal preferences for nature walks, based on their experience, level of mobility, group size, etc. Visitors want to connect with nature using their senses, but feeling are difficult to quantify from a track assessment perspective.

Our study provided NPWS with an extensive list of desirable and essential criteria for the two visitor markets including:

  • Experiential factors;
  • Facilities (tracks and related infrastructure);
  • Transport and access; and
  • Accommodation

NPWS went on to review a wide range of walks using these criteria, to verify which of their walks were indeed great.

A copy of our summary report can be downloaded from the link below.

Best Nature Walks Report Download