Abbotsbury Precinct Masterplan

Abbotsbury, Sydney

Developing an urban hiking experience

NewScape were commissioned to undertake a feasibility assessment of a hiking track network in the Abbotsbury Precinct of Western Sydney Parklands. The Abbotsbury Precinct contains several major visitor destinations, key infrastructure and a large area of remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland, that provide unique opportunities for developing the Precinct as an urban hiking destination. NewScape’s design is centred around a single trailhead at the Plough & Harrow visitor destination and connects to all major visitor destinations in the Abbotsbury Precinct. All experience and fitness levels would be catered for on the stacked loop trail system. Hikers would experience a range of vegetation communities including Cumberland Plain Woodland. Panoramic views of the Sydney CBD and the Blue Mountains will be available from the Devils Back Ridge Track that runs north-south through the precinct. Enclosed settings would also be provided in the valleys along the natural drainage lines with farm dams featuring as amenity recreation points. Hikers would be able to experience.


Parramatta Park & Western Sydney Parklands Trust




Abbotsbury, Sydney NSW