Malabar Access Trail

Malabar Headland National Park, NSW

The main aim of the track upgrade project was to improve visitor experience and sustainability by reducing the trail width and hardening areas where water flowed over the track

NewScape Design was engaged by National Parks and Wildlife Service to undertake detailed design and documentation of a fire trail upgrade in Malabar Headland National Park. Our design phase scope also included concept design of the trailhead and clifftop viewing points.

The track upgrade incorporated a narrowing of the overall trail width to pedestrianise a track that was originally constructed for maintenance vehicle access. The construction details include stabilised gravel road pavement and sandstone drains constructed at regular intervals to divert water off the track. Some drains also allow surface water to cross over the track as dictated by the natural terrain and surface drainage patterns.

This upgrade forms a key section of the Maroubra to Long Bay walking track which is highly valued by the local community, and will serve as an integral access route for firefighting and service vehicle access.


NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service




Malabar Headland National Park, NSW