Light to Light Walk

Ben Boyd National Park, NSW

Proposing the first all inclusive multi-day hike

NewScape were commissioned to prepare a concept for potential improvements to the existing 30 km multi-day Light to Light Walk from Boyd Tower to Green Cape Lighthouse in Ben Boyd National Park. Whilst the existing walk is a good experience, some issues with track alignment, disconnection with the coast and extensive sections of similar landscape are issues to be addressed in potential improvement works. The Light to Light walk once upgraded has the potential to do things not done before on Australia’s Great Walks through creating a sense of adventure experiences that create iconic shareable moments for the walkers. It’s many characteristics, including remoteness, wilderness, coastal connection, and cultural heritage place this walk amongst the collection of great walks in Australia.

NewScape’s work considered the potential for Light to Light to become Australia’s first inclusive access (wheelchair accessible) multi-day hike, so that visitors of any ability can enjoy this magnificent section of coastline. Track concept design was based on highlighting existing scenery, passing through a diverse array of landscapes, points of interest, strategic location of viewpoints and easy access as well as opportunities for adventure. Using a 3D model of the whole national park, we were able to review the track gradient and target problem areas for potential track improvements and realignments for wheelchair access. Schematic design of modern hut accommodation that could be used by all visitors and layout of the campground with toilets and sleep platforms


NSW Office of Environment and Heritage




Ben Boyd National Park, NSW