Kosciuszko Great Walk

Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Working in the most iconic alpine landscapes of Australia

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service has long been looking to develop Iconic multi-day walks that have the potential to become International tourist attractions and Kosciuszko Summit Great Walk promises this and more.

NewScape were commissioned by OEH in January 2017 to plan the proposed route and prepare a Track & Facilities Concept Design Report. Our visit to the Snowy Mountains was accompanied by Grant Hunt (NPWS’ Great Walks Advisor), members of the NPWS Visitor Experiences Branch and representatives from NPWS Southern Ranges Branch. This concept design outlines our recommendations for development of an “Iconic Walk” that can later become a “Great Walk” under the Tourism Australia Great Walks of Australia membership.

The overall approach to the Kosciusko great walk project aimed to utilise existing accommodation resources in the Snowy Mountains resorts to enable a multi-day walk to be taken without the need to carry heavy equipment. The approach to facilities provision was to provide high quality and durable facilities to reduce the requirement for repairs in a remote area with seasonal constraints on capital work improvements

The NSW Government’s confidence in this project was proven by the awarding of $17M for the track upgrades. Click here to find out more details on the funding announcement.



NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service




Kosciuszko National Park, NSW